Amazon Changes e-book Return Policy To Fight Back Against Tik Tok Hack

Amazon has finally decided to end the 7-day return loophole by agreeing to block automatic return on any digital book that has been read more than 10 percent read. 

Amazon Changes e-book Return Policy

After a discussion with the Authors Guild, Amazon finally passed a resolution to the hack that has gotten popular because of Tik Tok. Users would check out a book and if they returned it within 7 days, they would get a full refund. That hack will come to an end soon when the new changes go into effect at the end of the year. 

Any customer that wants to return a book that has been read more than 10 percent will need to send in a customer service request. A representative will review the case to ensure that the customer has a good reason and is not abusing Amazon’s policies. 

Amazon digital books return policy
Amazon updates e-book return policy

Hack Hurt Amazon Authors

Authors on Amazon were losing money and some would see their account in the negative because of this hack. And Amazon had not taken any measures to prevent this hack that went viral. It is good to see that Amazon heard the complaints and took action. 

Expect a bunch of people to be in shock when they are unable to return a book and will have to find out the hard way that they can’t get a refund. What annoys me the most is that these people acted selfishly and did not once think about the author. Buying a book helps support the author whose work you are consuming. Without them, you would not even have that opportunity.

The only complaint from me is that this isn’t happening right away but at the end of the year. The 7-day return policy will be abused until the new policy goes into effect. Hopefully Amazon does something behind the scenes to protect authors that are affected by this horrible hack.


What do you think of Amazon’s new policy? Is 10 percent a good number? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Amazon Changes e-book Return Policy To Fight Back Against Tik Tok Hack

  1. Daniel Franks says:

    I’d 100% support this if I could loan my digital book purchases to friends like I do physical books. Kindle books cost almost the same, basically the same minus printing/shipping costs, yet I can’t loan a book to a friend.


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