Amazon’s New Scribe is an e-reader and a Tablet

Amazon announced the release of a brand new kindle called the Kindle Scribe a5 Amazon Hardware Event 2022. The latest e-reader comes with a number of unique features that make it miles ahead of previous generations.

Kindle Scribe

Amazon releases the latest e-reader, the Kindle Scribe
Amazon’s Kindle Scribe is a e-reader and a tablet.

One of the features of the Scribe is the ability to draw on the e-reader using a digital pen. That lets users take notes, attach them to the e-book, and draw on the pages. In the past, you would have to highlight the lines and then add a comment. This change should make reading and note taking more fluid.

The Scribe comes with a 10.2-inch E Ink screen, a stylus that is able to attach itself to the side of the decide and new software. The price tag for the Scribe is 339.99 and it is a big uptick in price from previous Kindles. This is more of a tablet than a book and it will be interesting to see how it does compared to all the other tablets in the market.

The Scribe is available for preorder and will be available before the holidays. Fans of the product can wait for Prime day to see if it is on sale. Expect it to be pushed a lot by Amazon in the coming months.

Will people flock towards this device or stick to the previous Kindle devices or other tablets? Only time will tell but until then, happy reading!

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