The Rings of Power Episode 6 Hints at Sauron’s Identity

The biggest question about The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is who is Sauron? That question may be answered this week as the trailer for the sixth episode mentions him by name.

Who is Sauron?

If you have been watching the show, then you know that some major characters haven’t been revealed yet. Sauron is the main one considering he is the main villain of the show. In the Lord of the Rings history, Sauron goes to war in this time period and all of the events seem to be leading to that.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episode 6

We may have already met Sauron and not even know it. He was able to transform and he blended in with the Elves and used them to make the rings of power and the one Ring to rule them all. Based on the trailer for episode 6, we may get to see Sauron. If they continue to keep his identity hidden, we might still be given his location and what he might be up to.

Evil Reveals Itself

The tagline featured in the trailer says, “evil reveals itself” and the trailer opens up with Adar saying “Tonight, one more trial awaits us. That is followed by someone else whispering “You will be known at last for who you truly are, Lord Sauron.”

Episode 6 trailer for The Rings of Power

That is a clear indication of showing us Sauron’s identity but they may pull the rug from underneath us at the last minute. Sauron’s identity has been keeping a lot of people interested and coming back. Once his identity is revealed, the show will need to give us something else to care about.


Who do you think Sauron is? Do you believe he has been hiding in plain sight or is he going to be a new character? The best place is to hide in plain sight which is why I think we have seen him before and the hints are there. My frontrunner is Halbrand but that might be a red herring for all I know!

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