Why You Should Read Ready Player One

Not many books have gained a big mainstream following like Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. That is because of all the nostalgia in the book. From movies to tv shows, this book will mention something that you grew up with. Does that lead to a good book is the question. Read our book review for Ready Player One to find Out!

Ready Player One Summary

Wade Watts is just another teenager who escapes his life and problems by going to the OASIS, a virtual reality world. In that world, he is a egg hunter and is trying to solve the puzzle and find the keys left behind by Halliday. But he is not the only one trying to get all the keys and win the prize money.

Innovative Online Industries, or IOI for short, wants to win the prize money and the rights to OASIS. They plan to monetize the virtual reality world and use all of their resources to achieve their goal. That means hiring people that are great at egg hunting.

Ready Player One book cover
Ready Player One book cover

As Wade and IOI’s paths cross, Wade must choose what he wants to do and at what lengths he will go to do so. He may possibly lose his life if he isn’t careful because IOI has enough wealth and influence to permanently get rid of him and his friends

It is a race towards the keys with a lot at stake. And there are a lot of movie and gaming references throughout the novel. Imagine all your favorite tv shows, movies, and anime characters coming together. That is basically Ready Player One.


As someone who saw the movie first, I knew I had to read the book because I fell in love with the concept mentioning childhood movies and songs.. After reading the book, I was sad that the movie went a different direction. But I also knew that pulling everything off in the book was not realistic. So if you have watched the movie and enjoyed it, then you should definitely read the book.

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