Ready Player Two Reading Part 4

Before I dive into the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, I will warn you that there are going to be spoilers so if you want to avoid them, turn back now! 

Ready Player Two Summary So Far

The novel finally takes a turn and focuses on the plot. It might not be original and even calls itself out on it but hey, what can you expect when virtual reality is involved?

If you have seen The Matrix, then imagine that. Wade and his three friends are held hostage by an A.I created by Halliday named Anorak. He has hijacked the headset and now nobody can log out and if they do not log out after 12 hours, their brains will get fried.

The A.I. wants Wade and his friends to solve the siren riddle and get the seven shards. All under 12 hours or everyone that he’s taken hostage (over 500 million people) will die. So Wade and his friends go on a quest that honestly isn’t interesting enough for me to dive into.

I am glad the novel picked up the pace and I don’t have to read about how Wade is rich and lonely over and over. A lot of self loathing from Wade and (the founder). Also, the obsessive nature of the founder is creepy and disturbing.


I’m halfway through the novel and a little intrigued. But not that much. I am already sure they will get the seven shards and not give it to the a.i. so a hundred or two hundred pages of following them solve the riddles that they all seem to know something about. Of course. It’s almost like the author doesn’t know how real people function and thinks we are walking encyclopedias.

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  1. BeeSig says:

    I recently finished Ready Player One and am not sure I’ll spend my time on Ready Player Two! Thanks for sharing your insights!


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