The Two Tower: Book Review

Book Two of The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien is called The Two Towers. It continues the Hobbits’ journey to destroy the ring but they run into an enemy they don’t account for. Keep reading The Two Towers book review to find out what happens and why you should read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Since this is a review for the second book, there may be some spoilers ahead. As always, I will try to keep that to a minimum but if you hate spoilers, then you should turn away.

The Two Towers book review

The Two Towers Summary

The group is separated and a large group of Orcs sent by the Dark Lord Sauron attack the Fellowship. The Orcs end up capturing Merry and Pippen. The remaining Fellowship have to decide to pursue the Orcs or continue their journey to destroy the ring.

After some events (spoiler free review) Gandalf meets up with Merry and Pippin who have befriended Ents, tree-like creatures. With the help of the Ents, the tide of the battle may shift but Ents are peaceful creatures that do not like to fight.

Sam and Frodo head towards Mordor but have to sneak past all of Sauron’s soldiers. An encounter with an old enemy changes their luck but can they trust this creature or will he betray them to the Dark One? 


Book two in the series is different from the first and the third and has a sense of hope and despair. In book one, we are learning about the numerous characters and Middle-earth. That is still true in book two but not to the same extent. That lets Tolkien focus more on the plot and the mix of emotions the characters feel.

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I feel like in book two we get a good sense of how strong Sauron is. He is more present and his powers are seen more and lets us experience the fear that the protagonists feel. Or the sense of excitement when the Ents mar… I’ll let you read the book to experience those emotions. 


This is a great book two in the series and sets up the third and final scene up properly. The character development is great and the new friends they meet add to the amazing world-building that is Middle-earth. That wraps up our review for The Two Towers and the third and final book review will be released in the near future! 

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