The Top 20 Best Books of 2022 (So Far) by Amazon

Amazon released the top 20 best books list chosen by their editors for the first half of 2022. See which new novels made the list and what you should add your to-read list!

Book Recommendations 2022

The first half of the year has come and gone and many new novels have hit the shelves. Finding new novels is difficult because you don’t know where to start. The good news is that companies like Amazon and Barnes & Nobles have editors that read new books and let us know what they think about it.

Amazon Books closing
Amazon Books

These editors write reviews and share their thoughts with us and help us decide whether this book should be something we read in the future. I am always looking to add new books to my to-read list and I appreciate these lists a lot. Not every book on these lists will be for you but if everyone is raving about a book, then it is worth checking out.

The Top 20 Best Books of 2022 by Amazon

  1. Sea of Tranquility, Emily St. John Mandel
  2. The Final Strife, Saara El-Arifi
  3. The Kaiju Preservation Society, John Scalzi
  4. The Memory Librarian: And Other Stories of Dirty Computer, Janelle Monáe
  5. Siren Queen, Nghi Vo
  6. Daughter of the Moon Goddess, Sue Lynn Tan
  7. Ordinary Monsters, J.M. Miro
  8. In the Shadow of Lightning, Brian McClellan
  9. The Starless Crown, James Rollins
  10. Where the Drowned Girls Go, Seanan McGuire
  11. Moon Witch, Spider King, Marlon James
  12. Eyes of the Void, Adrian Tchaikovsky
  13. Goliath, Tochi Onyebuchi (
  14. The Atlas Six, Olivie Blake
  15. All the Seas of the World, Guy Gavriel Kay
  16. Mickey7, Edward Ashton
  17. How High We Go in the Dark, Sequoia Nagamatsu
  18. When Women Were Dragons, Kelly Barnhill
  19. Hide, Kiersten White
  20. Book of Night, Holly Black


Have you read aby of these novels so far? I have not but before the year ends, I will be reading a few of these! Sea of Tranquility has caught my eye and that is one book I will make sure to read. Expect a review for that in the next couple of months. Happy Reading!

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8 thoughts on “The Top 20 Best Books of 2022 (So Far) by Amazon

  1. itsthebageler says:

    Yo The Kaiju Preservation Society RULES! It’s a perfect light, breezy romp fulla monstros that you can chomp through in about a week and never pretends to be anything else, hard recommend

  2. Gemma says:

    I’ve only read Sea of Tranquility which was good. Liked it very much… but I don’t think it will be a top book of the year for me.


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