Bill Gates 5 Summer Reading Recommendations

Bill Gates returns with more book recommendations. As someone who reads a lot of books, Gates has become one of the faces of bibliophiles. You can check out Bill Gates five summer reading recommendations and see what made his list!

Summer is here but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read any books. Turn the AC on or head to the beach and read a book under a beach umbrella. Or by the poolside, it doesn’t matter where. What does matter are what books you are reading and Gates has some summer recommendations for you.

Bill Gates 5 summer reading recommendations

  1. The Power By Naomi Alderman
  2. Why We’re Polarized By Ezra Klein
  3. The Lincoln Highway: A Novel By Amor Towles
  4. The Ministry for the Future By Kim Stanley Robinson
  5. How the World Really Works: The Science Behind How We Got Here and Where We’re Going By Vaclac Smil

“There are books here about gender equality, political polarization, climate change, and the hard truth that life never goes the way young people think it will,” Gates writes. “It does not exactly sound like the stuff of beach reads.”

Bill Gates books
Bill Gates loves to read

While it may not be beach reads, a good book is a good book, nonetheless. Gates’ list is diverse and ensures this is something for everybody. You can read something educational or about a serious issue. These are topics and issues Gates holds dear to him and books that he reads and has read.

As an avid reader myself, I do like Gates reading lists. Whether it is his favorite novels or what he is reading and recommending, his lists are unique. You will find some mainstream novels but you will also find novels that most people or book clubs haven’t read.


Have you read any books on this list or plan to read any of them? I will be adding a couple of them to my reading list. As someone who has read Amor Towles previous novel, I will be giving The Lincoln Highway a read.

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