Barnes & Nobles Sued for Selling Controversial Books By Virginia Legislator

Barnes & Nobles is being sued by a Virginia legislator to stop the selling of two “indecent” books to minors who aren’t purchasing it with adult supervision. This follows the banning of books in schools and libraries that conservatives have deemed immoral.

Barnes & Nobles Sued

The novels Gender Queen by Maia Kobabe and A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas were the books targeted by the legislator. Gender Queen has seen a lot of controversy as it was the number 1 challenged and censored book of 2021. The most logical reason is the title because we know the people wanting to ban it have never even read it and we are still not sure if they can actually read.

All jokes aside, this is conservatives making sure that we live in a world that they want. The battle to ban books in schools and libraries was a targeted attack and they are continuing their battle to bookstores. It is Barnes and Nobles right now and this is going to happen to other bookstores soon.

Barnes and Nobles

I cannot see this lawsuit going anywhere but with a conservative Supreme Court, everything is upside down. Do not expect conservatives to let either. They will most likely sue publishers next and even the authors. There is a reason why a lot of novels about burning books exist. Throughout history, books have been attacked constantly and we are seeing that again at an unprecedented level. 

This is a political stunt and it is a cheap one too. Unlike schools, Barnes and Nobles is a private business. It will be interesting seeing conservatives choosing between two of their favorite things, banning books and private businesses. 


It is getting hard to believe that any of this is real. The war on books has not let up and even though supporters of books have fought back at every turn, books are still being banned. A lot future adults will not know classics that all of us grew up with. 

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11 thoughts on “Barnes & Nobles Sued for Selling Controversial Books By Virginia Legislator

  1. annecreates says:

    I live in Virginia. You should see what’s happening at the school board level. My county wants to punish student protests (to include wearing clothing in support of LGBTQ rights, but not with slogans like “Let’s Go Brandon” or “F*ck Biden” as are currently displayed by students on a regular basis) with 10 days suspension. We are quickly devolving into a theocracy. Suing retailers takes all of this to a new level!

    1. Ahaqir says:

      Yea it’s pretty bad in much more conservative states and other states are going to follow suit. We live in a crazy time.

  2. wordsandcoffee1 says:

    This is just crazy and awful! I can never understand someone’s desire to fight against books and against literacy. I agree that it’s interesting to see how this will pan out since it’s a private business.


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