Winners of the 2022 Pulitzer Prize

The winners of the 2022 Pulitzer have been announced. The award was first established in 1917 and since 1984, the winners have received from the president of Columbia University. Down below, you can see the list of the winners.

2022 Pulitzer Prize Winners

  • Pulitzer Prize for Fiction: The Netanyahus by Joshua Cohen
  • Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction: Invisible Child by Andrea Elliott
  • Pulitzer Prize for History: Cuba by Ada Ferrer
  • Pulitzer Prize for History: Covered with Night by Nicole Eustace
  • Pulitzer Prize for Biography: Chasing Me to My Grave by Winfred Rembert
  • Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: frank by Diane Seuss

This is the list of all the 2022 Pulitzer Prize winners. You can check the winners here and also see past winners. Have you read any of the books on this list or plan on reading any of them?

2022 Pulitzer Prize Winners books
2022 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Awards Aren’t Everything

Personally, some of my favorite books have not received any awards. But I am glad that I still read them. Just because a novel wins an award doesn’t automatically mean that you will enjoy it. Some books tend to be too technical while others are perfect.

What I love about these awards is the exposure the authors get. They work hard, spend a lot of time writing a book that they don’t even will be liked or not. Writing is a tedious job and takes a lot of everything to do. I will check out some of the books on this list because some of the best books I have read have won a Pulitzer Prize.

Some books are universally good and you are glad you gave them a try. Right now, I am reading the Stormlight Trilogy and plan to read more fantasy trilogies. But once I run out of books to read, I do hope to tackle some of the novels on this list.

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