Florida Bans Math Books And No This is Not a Joke

Florida, the state that is the butt of jokes, has taken an extreme step in censorship by censoring math books. Sometimes the jokes make themselves and Florida is more then willing to help. See why Florida banned math books were.

Florida Bans Math Books

The education department in Florida rejected 54 mathematics textbooks for its K-12 curriculum. The books were banned because they had concepts that were considered to be leaning towards critical race theory. No examples were given and do not expect any.

As bad as the book banning has been recently, this event showcases just how paranoid and irrational conservatives are. Even math books are not safe. Not even sure how they even ended up checking math books. somebody must have said “What about math books? I remember reading something relating to critical race theory once.”

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When I read this news, I was not surprised. The book ban is a joke and more of a political tool than anything else. But banning math books made me think that this wasn’t a politically motivated attack anymore. Instead, it is a cash grab.

Of the 132 books that were submitted for review, 41 percent of them were rejected. With so many books being rejected, new books have to fill that hole.

And that clears the way for new businesses and authors to provide books that meet the criteria. The same people that are banning the books are going to choose which books are accepted.

What is Critical Race Theory

Some of you might be wondering what critical race theory is? Simply put, critical race theory is described as a social tool used by various systems such as legal, housing, and education and not an individual bias or or prejudice.

It has been around for almost 40 years but has now been pushed to the spotlight after a conservative effort to discredit it and remove any mention of it from schools. Even thought, it is not taught from k-12 curriculum.

The paranoia around critical race theory has led to some states passing laws to ban it from schools. As most laws, it is left for interpretation which is why even math books are not safe. Little do lawmakers know that students aren’t going to read math books for fun. But with this law, that might change as students will be curious to see why their math books were banned.

Why This Matters

Banning books in general is not a great thing and now we are being told that any form of writing may be banned. As long as they find a cause, they can ban it. For the math books that were banned, no examples were provided. Which means that they have absolute power in banning whatever they want.

And it is not going to stop. Right now it is k-12 curriculum but it will eventually be anything that they deem as critical race theory. Dark days are ahead of us and it will only get worse.

7 thoughts on “Florida Bans Math Books And No This is Not a Joke

  1. wordsandcoffee1 says:

    This book banning is so disheartening. I wish they would stop pushing everything they don’t like under the rug and instead actually examine their fears about critical race theory and work toward making things more open and fair.

    1. Ahaqir says:

      Same but that doesn’t help them get elected so they won’t do it

  2. Gemma says:

    You know I didn’t think of it from the business angle but you are probably right on. I bet if the trail was followed far enough someone somewhere who threw the first accusation has connections to a text book publisher or something.


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