The Nickel Boys: Book Review

Released in 2019, The Nickel Boys follows Elwood Curtis, an African American teenage boy residing in Tennessee who gets falsely arrested and is sent to Nickel Academy, a reform school for delinquents. The school has unethical ways of keeping the students checked and we see Elwood’s beliefs challenged by institutional racism and dark horrors in Nickel Academy. We also meet Jack Turner who Elwood befriends. They have opposite views and play a big role is showcasing two different approaches to life as an African American in America. … Read More >The Nickel Boys: Book Review

A Confederacy of Dunces: Book Review

The story is about Ignatius Jacques Reilly and the odd jobs he does while he carries out his passionate and eccentric plans. It is a comedy hidden behind the tragic existence of Ignatius who lives in denial and delusion. He would have fit in perfectly in today’s world and it’s many conspiracy theories. While Ignatius is brilliant, it is also his downfall because he thinks he is always the smartest in the room and listens to his thoughts only which conceal his shortcomings and barge on his farce reality. … Read More >A Confederacy of Dunces: Book Review