Ashley Tisdale Buys 400 Books And Causes Controversy

Today, we will be talking about Ashley Tisdale’s controversy by buying a library worth of books for display. And as always, the book world and people who haven’t read a book since high school made it into a bigger deal than it was.

Ashley Tisdale Book Controversy

Ashley Tisdale’s new house was lacking books and Architectural Digest (the magazine) was visiting in a few days. So she did what made the most sense; have her husband buy 400 books before the magazine arrived.

“These bookshelves, I have to be honest, actually did not have books in them a couple days ago,” Tisdale said in a video. “I had my husband go to the bookstore and I was like, ‘You need to get 400 books.’”

Ashley Tisdale

People debated about buying a library in one go or adding books to your library over time. But they are forgetting that this was to decorate her house. Even her husband felt a way about it.

“Obviously my husband was like, ‘We should be collecting books over time and putting them in the shelves.’ And I was like, ‘No, no, no, no,’” said Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale

Building Your Library Over Time

I believe you should grow your library over time with books that mean something to you. And Tisdale definitely has said she has accumulated some books over the years. We as readers feel like buying that many books isn’t genuine but as long as she decides to read them one day, then it is fine.

Ashley Tisdale book controversy
Ashley Tisdale book controversy

As people commented about her somewhat controversial move, Tisdale clapped back.

“Let’s clear this up. There are some of my books from over the years in there but yea 36 shelves that hold 22 books I did not have and any interior designer would have done the same. They do it all the time, I was just honest about it.”

Ashley Tisdale

What Do You Think?

What do you make of her massive purchase? Should people be outraged or  are they making a big deal out of nothing?

5 thoughts on “Ashley Tisdale Buys 400 Books And Causes Controversy

  1. Shay says:

    She could have decorated with knick knacks and other stuff. At least she supported writers. : )

  2. ~just a thought says:

    I like the idea. Never considered what it’d be like to just bring in 400 books at a time . . . read through them until time to cycle again. Your own library (of books you don’t already know).


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