The Book World Makes a Big Deal About Adele Buying Books

The book world is an interesting one where some things that shouldn’t be a big deal but end up being a big deal nonetheless. That is why I have decided to cover the salacious news that nobody cares about and is more amusing than anything else.

Adele Buys Some Books

The news that broke the book world this week was Adele purchasing a £1,000 ($1309) worth of books during a trip to a bookstore in London. She reportedly told an employee “I want a library.” And just like that, the internet went into a frenzy.

A “mole” has told the Daily Mail that the Grammy-award-winner dropped into the Chelsea branch of Daunt Books with a friend, “wearing sunglasses and looking like a superstar.” The English singer reportedly bought £1,000 worth of books during a trip to a traditional bookstore in London, after telling its starstruck employees, “I want a library.” It remains unknown exactly when Adele’s visit took place, but it’s likely to have occurred during her recent stop in the UK for the BRIT Awards in February.

Daily Mail

The debate of what constitutes as a library broke out. As most readers would agree, it is not the quantity of the library but the quality. What the books mean to you is what ultimately matter. Yes, Adele cheated by force-buying a library but if she does plan to read them, then that is fine.

What I found amusing was that people ran with this story about her spending $1309 on books in one outing. Some outlets were trying to guess how much books that totaled to. Let the woman read in peace. Its just books. And to make matters worse, we don’t even know which books she bought. Here we are picturing a bookshelf with blank covers.

Funny enough, this isn’t the only celebrity mass buying books. I won’t spoil the name of the other celebrity until the next post. It shall be our celebrity news gossip section. The name is a work in progress and going forward, there will be more jokes inserted. See you next time!

6 thoughts on “The Book World Makes a Big Deal About Adele Buying Books

  1. jmchristie66 says:

    Oprah has books made specifically for her with customized book covers so that they all match in her library. Wow. Now, that’s some serious money.

      1. jmchristie66 says:

        Cheaper to wrap them in brown paper! That’s a little more the speed of my budget.

  2. wordsandcoffee1 says:

    I think I’ve accidentally amassed my own mini library over the years, but I can’t imagine casually buying a library worth of books all at once. She’s living the dream!


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