Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter Ends After Record Shattering Campaign

I have been following and posting articles about Brandon Sanderson’s highly successful Kickstarter campaign for the past month. The Kickstarter has finally closed and the final numbers for Sanderson’s Kickstarter are jaw-dropping. Keep reading to find out just how successful the campaign really was. 

Brandon Sanderson’s Record Setting Campaign

In one month, Sanderson was able to surpass his Kickstarter campaign of $1 million and then some. On fact, he toppled one million in just 6 hours. The campaign went on to garner $41.7 million with 181,000 backers, a new record on Kickstarter.

What was the previous record? $20.3 million by smartwatch company Pebble Technology. A record Sanderson’s Kickstarter surpassed in just 3 days. 

Sanderson’s Kickstarter offers to publish four novels he wrote during the pandemic. Backers are able to choose various formats of the novels that will ship starting 2023.

And Sanderson was not the only one who earned some big bucks. Kickstarter receives 5 percent which amounts to over $2 million. A great payday for them while watching it all from the sidelines.

And End to The Campaign

Now that Sanderson’s campaign has come to an end, you won’t have to hear about it anymore or about Kickstarter for that matter. It was an impressive feat that we are sure Sanderson will surpass again in 3 years. He is the king of Kickstarter as we have seen time and time again.

Did you back his campaign? Do you think his novels will hit the shelves in a couple of years? I do not think him or his publishing agency will let an opportunity to make the most possible money pass by. 

This is going to force authors and publishers to think about going the Kickstarter route instead of relying on publishers. We have seen Amazon disrupt the publishing industry and Kickstarter has the potential to do the same. The problem with Kickstarter is that if you aren’t already famous, people will not care. 

What do you think about Kickstarter? 

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