Ready Player Two Reading Part 3

Before I dive into the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, I will warn you that there are going to be spoilers so if you want to avoid them, turn back now! 

Summary and Thoughts

Wade continues talking about his newly inherited wealth. But there has been progress. He talks about how social media is still around and how his newfound wealth has led to a lot of haters. To combate the haters, Wade breaks every privacy law and abuses his power of being able to bypass any restrictions. That means he locates his critics and trolls and kills their avatar while invisible and isn’t held accountable because nobody can prove it was him. What a protagonist.

We also find out that Wade hires a robot therapist to help deal with issues he is having. This is a good angle and it comes at the expense of Wade being a shitty person. So far, no character is intriguing and this book has little to offer.

Off note commentary that I find unnecessary is the amount of focus on sex in this novel. The best way to explain it would be a stranger coming up to you and telling you a bunch of nsfw stuff that will leave you begging the question why?! The author really wants to explain ALL the uses of this new technology his protagonist inherited and it gets creepy. He could have covered it in a mich better way but he doesn’t do subtle.

Lastly. The novel is slow but finally progresses to the plot of the book. Wade finally finds the first shard of the riddle. Only six more to go. Well, he gets a lot of help but you get the point. And he also abuses his power once again and does creepy and unethical stuff but that seems to be norm. Can’t wait to see what else he does just because he can with no repercussions.

2 thoughts on “Ready Player Two Reading Part 3

  1. Jesse says:

    I enjoyed Ready Player One in spite of its flaws but the sequel was mediocre and REALLY unnecessary. Skip Armada. It’s worse than either full of terrible tropes and poorly written female characters. Cline has great ideas but needs more women on his editing team.

    1. Ahaqir says:

      Yea I am not reading another Cline novel. Even his plot wasn’t original for RP2


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