Daily Prompt: What is Your Favorite Sound

Today I will be answering the prompt What is your favorite sound? I came across one that asked what is your favorite smell which I didn’t find too interesting. And then I thought what about sound? That seemed harder to answer so I stuck with it.

My favorite sound(s) would be the sound of waves an the ocean. That is such a serene and peaceful sound. You forget everything and get drowned (no pun intended) by the sound of the waves. I will also say the sound of a. forest is also one of my favorites. Have you ever walked into a forest and hear or don’t hear the sounds of the forest.

You have the birds chirping, an animal occasionally running into the bushes, and the lack of city sounds. That feels like being teleported to another world. For me, living most of my life in the city, makes me enjoy the lack of sounds in a forest.

What is you favorite sound?

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What is Your Favorite Sound

  1. wordsandcoffee1 says:

    I am also drawn to nature sounds. I would also say the ocean; I live too far away from it, but I enjoy its music whenever I get the chance. I also like the crunching of autumn leaves and wind through the trees.

  2. agreekmatinee says:

    Ah, and the sound of a forest can sound as the ocean running. I love the sound of the sea in a high wind. But also I fear it, that is, respect it for what it is and can do particularly when driven by big winds. Thanks for visiting my site also Ahaqir.


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