Daily Prompt: What Superpower Would You Not Want?

Today I will be answering the prompt: What’s one super power you would NOT want? I liked how it was the opposite of the normal question. Most people think about what power they would want but what about a power you wouldn’t want?

A power I wouldn’t want is immortality. Living forever is going to take its toll on you mentally. All the people you love will die and you will be alone forever. And how would you experience time if you were immortal?

Another power I would not want is the ability to read minds. Reading people’s mind would suck because a lot of their unfiltered thoughts would be available for you to see. A lot of people are decent being and a lot aren’t. I would imagine that to be torture and the cons outweigh the benefits in my opinion.

What’s one super power you would not want?

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What Superpower Would You Not Want?

  1. wickedjr89 says:

    Same answers for me. I have chronic pain from multiple medical issues, not curable, I don’t want to be in this pain for eternity. Granted even if they could cure me I still wouldn’t want immortality because as you mentioned all your loved ones will die. I’ve already had several loved ones die and it hurts. Immortality sounds like torture.

    And reading minds, no thank you. I have a feeling that would just be a world of hurt. I mean it might have some good moments but the cons would outweigh it like you said.


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