Which Fictional Character I Would Interview

Today’s prompt is “Interview a fictional character” and let’s be honest, anyone who reads can’t just pick one book or character. But I thought about it and I took a different approach to this.

Interview a Fictional Character

Daily Prompt

I decided to choose Forrest Gump from the novel of the same name. But instead of interviewing him, I would play ping pong with him. During the game, I would listen to him talk about his adventures such as going to space and meeting the president. He has done a lot of things that many people only dream about and he is nonchalant about it.

There are other characters but I feel like interviewing them would be hard. Because, when you read a novel, you not only know most of their story, you know how they would reply to questions. Well, that is true for a good book anyway.

Which fictional character would you interview?

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6 thoughts on “Which Fictional Character I Would Interview

  1. aparna12 says:

    Very interesting. I wish I could interview the legendary king of detectives, Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to ask him the secret of such a sharp brain.

  2. Marthadilo3 says:

    I would interview lady rosamund kentacre in “The Silent Tower”


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