Advice I Would Give my Younger Self

I will be continuing the trend of writing daily and answering daily prompts for Bloganuary. The first prompt of the month was “What Advice Would you Give Your Younger Self?”

That is a tough question. The first thing I would tell my younger self is to buy Amazon and Tesla stocks. And Bitcoin! All jokes aside, I like this prompt because it really makes you think.

I would tell my younger self to breathe and don’t stress out over things out of your control. I learned that a lot of worrying that I did as a kid and a teenager never happened. Be happy and live in the moment because you only get to be a kid and a teenager once.

Some other things I would tell my younger self is to read more. As a kid, I was not that into reading and only when I read in high school did I read consistently. I would read westerns, horror novels, and random books from the library. Only recently did I start reading classics and popular novels.

What would you tell your younger self?

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5 thoughts on “Advice I Would Give my Younger Self

  1. TheBookGuardians says:

    I completely agree with you on telling your younger-self not to stress over things not in your control. I’d also give myself that advice and not to concern yourself too much about what others think about you and impressing them – just live for yourself and have enjoy being a kid!

    1. Ahaqir says:

      That is something we tend to grasp much better as an adult than as a I kid unfortunately.

  2. aparna12 says:

    Your blogs are fascinating and very interesting. Keep up the good work.


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