Thieves: Book Order and Guide by M. J. Kuhn

Recently, I read the Thieves duology series by M. J. Kuhn. This article will discuss the books, the order, and what to expect from both of the books. Keep reading to find out if this fantasy series should be your next read!

Thieves is a heist novel that has a multitude of characters. Kuhn creates a world where crime is amok and a high stakes heist will determine the future of all the kingdoms. This is a two-part series and the first novel will make you want to know what happens next.

Thieves Book Order and Guide

Among Thieves

Among Thieves Book by M. J. Kuhn fantasy novel
Among Thieves book review

Ryia Cautella is infamous in the docks of Carrowwick and the blade used by Callum Clem, the leader of the Saints. He is ruthless and cunning which has helped him rule the docks. But recently, his crew has been getting pushed out of Carrowwick.  

While staking out the opposition. Ryia learns that a King wants a powerful tool that the Guildmaster owns. The tool is also tied to Ryia’s powers and her secret identity. Clem and his crew want to retrieve the tool and reap the rewards but Ryia has other plans. 

She has to outsmart her notorious leader as well as protect her friends. The Guildmaster is not someone to be trifled with considering he is in charge of the most powerful army of the world. Can Ryia pull of the impossible heist while being surrounded by enemies on all fronts? 

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Thick as Thieves

Thick As Thieves series Thieves Among Thieves novel
Thick As Thieves book review

Ryia Cautella and her crew of thieves have pulled off an impossible heist. They have stolen a powerful tool from the Guildmaster but it ends up in the hands of Callum Clem, the leader of the Saints. He wants to use the power of the tool to become the next king and it is up to Ryia and her friends to stop him.  

The group is separated across the Kingdoms. Some of them are being used as pawns by Callum while the others try to figure out who has the tool and how to locate them. With the future of all the kingdoms at stake, Ryia and her friends have to stop their former leader and make amends before it is too late.

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The Thieves duology series is a great heist novel that is similar to Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Out of the two series, I think Kuhn’s series is the better one. It centers on the issue at hand where Bardugo’s novels’ focus on many issues.

What makes Kuhn’s novels fun to read are her characters and the overarching plot. The novels have a good pace to them and there is never a dull moment. And while some plots may seem obvious, there are other ones that will surprise you.


This Thieves book order and guide should help you find out whether this series is for you. There are only two books and you can read both of them in a week’s time. Happy reading!

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