Danielle Steel’s Net Worth

Author Danielle Steel is an author who is often on the best seller lists and a name many people are familiar with. Even if you haven’t read her novels, you have come across them as she is one of the most popular authors alive. That made us wonder what Danielle Steel’s net worth is and how she made it.

Early Life

While attending New York University, Steel completed her first manuscript at 19. She worked at a public-relations agency in New York and the editor encouraged her to focus on writing a book after being impressed with her articles.

In 1973, Steel’s first novel Going Home was published and contained many of the themes she would become to be known for such as family issues and relationships. That started Steel’s career as a writer and led her to being a mainstay on the New York Times Best Seller list. In fact, she made the Guinness Book of world Records in 1989 for having her books on the list for the most consecutive weeks of any author at 381 weeks.

You may see multiple books released by Steel in any given year. That becomes even more impressive when you learn that each book takes 2 and a half years to complete. No, she isn’t a time traveler. Steel works on up to five books at once and may be researching one, outlining another, and editing a couple of other books.

Danielle Steel's Net Worth
Danielle Steel’s Net Worth

Best-Selling Author Alive

In her career, Steel has written 190 books, with over 140 of them being novels and has sold over 800 million copies. That has made her the best-selling author alive and the fourth-best selling fiction author of all time. She has also seen her books made into television shows as 22 of the were adapted and two of them received Golden Globe nominations.

Danielle Steel’s Net Worth

The 75-year-old author’s net worth is over $600 million. Selling over 800 million copies will do that. She was born in New York City but resides in California and Paris.


You won’t hear from Steel much as she is known to be shy and protective of her children’s privacy. But you can be sure that you will see her on the best selling book charts year after year as if it her third home. She has a solid fan base that has been reader her novels for 50 years! That is how you become the best-selling author alive!

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