Gideon the Ninth: Book Review

Muir Tamsyn’s debut novel Gideon the Ninth is an amazing science fantasy novel that is unlike anything else. Keep reading for a short summary and why you should read this novel next!

Gideon the Ninth Summary

Gideon Nav is an orphan and has been raised in the Ninth House since she can remember. She is going to once again try to escape from this planet and enlist in the army. That way, she would finally be free. That plan hits a wall when 17-year-old necromancer and heir to House Nine, Harrowhank, challenges her to a fight. Gideon can run away but when Harrow offers Gideon her freedom if she wins, she chooses to fight.

Harrowhank needs a cavalier to fight for her and Gideon is the best and only hope. All nine houses have been summoned to a planet that is ruled by the First House. The Emperor has summoned all the families and the ones who solve the mystery will become immortal. Nobody knows how to become a Lyctor and can’t leave the planet until the task is completed.

Gideon the Ninth The Locked Tomb series
Gideon the Ninth book review

Gideon and Harrow don’t get along under normal circumstances. Now, they have to work together if they want to stay alive because people start dying. Is there a monster residing in the house or is someone killing the competition? Gideon investigates and gets caught in something much bigger than herself.


Reading a science fantasy novel for the first time was a fun experience. The world building in Gideon the Ninth is complex and detailed. It has a lot of stuff going on and I like that we are shown some of House Nine and House One. That leaves a lot of stuff for Tamsyn to write about in her upcoming novels.

This is an original and refreshing novel that I enjoyed a lot. While it may falll under science fiction,it reads like a fantasy novel. The world building is great but Gideon’s personality and humor made this one of my favorite reads of the past year. When an author can write a complicated plot but also make you laugh a lot, then you are in for a great treat!

In that sense, it reminds me of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Combining science fiction and humor is a difficult task and takes a great balancing act. With the complicated world-building, the author has to focus on making sure the setting and technology come across right. Muir Tamsyn has a talent for both and has created a unique book series as a result.

Gideon the Ninth


I really liked this book and I have to admit, I finished it in 2 days. What I loved was the plot, the wonderful characters, the necromancers, and the sense of humor. You will be laughing a lot and the jokes and writing land well. I definitely recommend this book to fantasy lovers, science fiction fans, and people who love a good mystery. Happy reading!

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