5 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Titles Worth Reading

A Pulitzer is quite the feat, and more often than not provides a fair testimonial of said author’s work. Here are five Pulitzer-winning fiction titles to pick up now!

5 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Titles Worth Reading
5 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Titles Worth Reading

TRUST by Hernan Diaz

In the luxurious 1920’s, Helen and Benjamin Rask seem to have the world at their fingertips. But things change when rumors stir regarding the realistic extent of their exuberant wealth, and what they’ve done to achieve it. ‘TRUST’ is a monumental story about manipulation, lies and what too much power can do to a person.

DEMON COPPERHEAD by Barbara Kingsolver

Born and raised in Appalachia, Demon Copperhead had no easy upbringing. But due to it, he’s also learned how to survive – nothing short of challenging for someone in his position. Kingsolver, in her own unique way, pays homage to Charles Dickens’ ‘DAVID COPPERFIELD’ and further alludes to the complexities of troubled youth, and how the ruling system does its best to destroy them.

THE NICKEL BOYS by Colson Whitehead

Alternating between the 2010’s and 1960’s, ‘THE NICKEL BOYS’ centers Elwood Curtis and Jack Turner, his peer. Heavily inspired by the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida and the incessant dehumanization that took place there for over a century, this story is about a mistake altering the trajectory of one’s life, stolen identity, and lost dreams.

THE NIGHT WATCHMAN by Louise Erdrich

In 1950’s North Dakota, two Ojibwe characters navigate their lives the best way they know how given the circumstances. Thomas Wazhashk, a council member fighting against a new emancipation bill that threatens Native land, and his niece, Patrice ‘Pixie’ Paranteau, escaping her hometown to be with her sister in Minneapolis, and encountering various obstacles along the way. ‘THE NIGHT WATCHMAN’ is Louise Erdrich’s personal dedication to her grandfather’s story of resilience, love, family and what it truly means to be American.

THE OVERSTORY by Richard Powers

There’s no better read to end this list with than Richard Powers’ insightful twelfth novel. Told throughout various points in time and through the eyes of nine tree enthusiasts, ‘THE OVERSTORY’ is a deeply-nuanced story about preserving nature, human connection, gratitude for what we have and finding our roots as living beings in a complex, fleeting world.

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