Storm Front (The Dresden Files): Book Review  

Today, we will be reviewing Storm Front (The Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher. The novel follows wizard Harry Dresden as he tries to solve a couple of cases involving magic. Keep reading to find out what we thought of the novel and whether or not you should read this book next!  

Storm Front Summary

Harry Dresden is a professional wizard in the city of Chicago. He deals with magic and the police come to him to help in cases that may be supernatural. Dresden is hired by Monica Sells to find her husband Victor Sells who has been practicing magic. Later in the day, Harry receives a call from Lieutenant Karrin Murphy, director of the Special Investigations (SI) Unit of the Chicago Police Department. She wants his help on a recent murder.  

Storm Front The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
Storm Front book review

Murphy shows Harry the crime scene and Dresden discovers that the murders were committed using magic. He deducts that only a powerful wizard could have done this. That makes Harry worry as he fears that the White Council would suspect him. He isn’t in their good graces as it is and needs to play it safe or they will intervene.   To find the killer, Harry follows some clues and that leads him to a vampire’s den. His safety is not guaranteed. Who is the murderer and can Harry find them before they get him? And can he stop a wizard this powerful?  


I love detective novels and fantasy novels so this was the perfect book for me. Butcher is a brilliant storyteller and I had trouble putting this book down. There is a lot going on in the novel and a lot of characters to remember. The plot is fast paced and the stakes keep getting higher and higher as you near the end.  

I enjoyed this novel a lot and will be reading more books in this series. Butcher is a big fan of fantasy novels and it showcases in his book. He went from being a fan of the genre to contributing to it and that is what great writing can do.  


If you like a good mystery novel with elements of the supernatural, then this novel is for you. While the mystery provided in the book was fairly easy to solve, the question of whether the protagonist could handle it is what kept me reading. Happy reading!

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