Four Found Dead: Book Review

Four Found Dead by Natalie D. Richards was released earlier this year, and it’s been on many readers’ lists as something they need to explore, and for good reason. Keep reading to find out what we thought of th novel and if you should add it to your reading to-read list!

Four Found Dead

The story follows a group of teens working in their local mall’s movie theater. Excited for their last day, they talk about going to the local diner and getting pancakes, staying out till the early morning, and having fun.

Each one is thrilled they never have to see the theater again because it’s closing, thanks to the mall being torn down later. All the stores in the mall are already closed.

Unfortunately, the lights shut off, and they begin to get scared after realizing the boss has a gun. The problem is that their boss rules that cell phones must be locked away. Now they’re stuck in the dark, with no way to call for help. When the teens start dying, it gets serious.

This is an excellent book because although the plot twist is obvious, it doesn’t take away from the book. I was more into seeing who was going to die. Each character in Four Found Dead is complex and unique. While the book is told from a singular point of view, you can tell what other characters are feeling.

Will Anyone Survive?

As the title of Four Found Dead suggests, four people die. However, while you can guess two, the other two will shock you. It’s a story that truly pulls you in, and you can feel your heartbeat rising as you feel the terror that the teens feel, running for their lives and struggling to think about what needs to be done so that they don’t lose themselves.

Be braced for the ending because you may need some tissues. Follow these teens on the scariest night of their lives, and you’ll be awake until the early morning.

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