Patrick Rothfuss is Releasing a New Kingkiller Chronicle Novella This Year 

Fans of Patrick Rothfuss will be happy to learn that the author will be releasing a new Kingkiller Chronicle novella later this year called The Narrow Road Between Desires

According to the author, the novella will be set in Temerant and it is going to be illustrated by Nate Taylor. The focus of this novella is going to be the secondary character from the Kingkiller Chronicles, Bast.  

Patrick Rothfuss to Release a New Kingkiller Chronicle Novella

The Narrow Road Between Desires by Patrick Rothfuss, Kingkiller Chronicles, Bast, novella, fantasy
Patrick Rothfuss to release new Kingkiller Chronicle novella, The Narrow Road Between Desires

This is the first time Rothfuss is visiting the fantasy world he created since 2014 with the release of The Slow Regard of Silent Things. This isn’t the first time that Bast was the focus of a novella. Also in 2014, author George R. R. Martin wrote a standalone novella titled The Lightning Tree and Gardener Dozois’ Rogues anthology.  

The Narrow Road Between Desires is going to expand upon that story. Bast is Kvothe’s protégé and is a fae who is his companion at the Waystone Inn. He is known to harbor a few secrets and expect them to be explored in the latest novel. 

By Popular Demand

As to why Rothfuss wrote a novella for Bast, this is what he had to say: “When you create something people like, they want to know when you’re going to make a similar thing so they can enjoy that too. If they like it a *lot* then they *REALLY* want to know when you’re doing it again. 

“If the thing you create is say… a batch of cookies for your kids, this isn’t a problem. They want more cookies, so you can let them know the cookie release schedule. If they forget, you can remind them. If the schedule changes, you explain why. 

“Even if your kids want more cookies than you can produce, and they complain, or whine, or nag at you, the whole thing is still manageable. (Though as anyone who has dealt with kids can attest to, dealing with over-insistent kids can be rough.) But it works because the number of kids is (statistically speaking) only about 2-3. This makes clear and consistent communication possible. Since you’re all on the same page, everyone gets to anticipate cookies together. 

“All of this goes out the window if, say, instead of making cookies, you make a book. And instead of a 2-3 kids, you end up with several million readers. 

“When I was first published. I thought communicating with folks online would be easy. I post an update, everyone reads it. Easy peasy. Right?” 


That conclusion should have cleared everything up. The novella is set to release in September and we may get even more Kingkiller books if there is a demand for it.  

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