Taylor Swift Fans Help Untitled Book Top the Chart Because They are Convinced it is by Her 

A novel that hasn’t been given a title yet, known only as “4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023” is rising on the charts because fans of Taylor Swift believe she wrote the memoir and have been buying it as a result. 

Taylor Swift Fans Help Untitled Book Top the Charts

The mystery book has been in the top 10 Amazon book sales charts and is currently number one on Barnes & Noble’s pre-orders chart. It is available for pre-order for $45.  

Singer Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift fans are convinced untitled book is by her

It all started when a document began circulating on social media which said that the title and author of the book will be revealed on June 13. The book has 544 pages. Taylor Swift fans began speculating that the book may be from Swift because if you add up 5+4+4, you get 13, Swift’s favorite number. 

Her fans may be onto something considering that this book is described as a “biography or autobiography” which will feature 40 color photos. The initial print run of one million copies and global release date of July 9 indicate that the author is someone famous.  

Album Release

Another tie in is that July 9th is the re-release date of her albums as part of the rerecording and releasing previous albums and releasing them as “Taylor’s Version” which she doesn’t have the rights to. 

Some more clues have convinced Taylor Swift fans that this is indeed a book by her. What is interesting is that the author and book title have been kept a secret. That indicates that when the author is announced, they expect a lot of fans to buy the book. And there aren’t many fan bases that are that big. 

Fans May be Onto Something

Normally, authors want to build as much hype for a book release as they can. That is unless you know your fans will go and buy when you make the announcement. This strategy is more common for album releases but if it turns out to be successful for books also, it may become a thing going forward. 


Fans of Swift are confident that this is a memoir by Swift but only time will tell. The secrecy points toward a famous global star. If it is indeed Swift, her fans will be heralded as geniuses. If not, a lucky author will be the recipient of high book sales until the refunds start kicking in. 

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  1. Tanaz Masaba says:

    Even though I am a Taylor Swift fan myself, I have to admit, diehard Swifties terrify me a little! There is very little they cannot do. I wonder what the reaction will be if it turns out the author is NOT Taylor Swift but someone else, lol.


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