New Books That Are Releasing Today 

The month of May Is kicking off with a bunch of new books hitting the bookstores. We have compiled a list so you don’t have to search the internet. Here are the new books that are releasing today! 

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New Books That Are Releasing Today 

The great thing about new books is that you don’t know what to expect. Many people gravitate towards a new book because of the book cover, book blurb, or because they enjoyed another book by that author. This is how you discover a new favorite novel. Giving new books a read is always an adventure and there are tons of options! 

New Books That Are Releasing Today 

Books to Check Out 

These are the books that released today. A book that is making a lot of noise is Chain-Gang All-Stars. It is a novel where prisoners fight and it is legal and as people pay to watch them fight. Another novel that is being talked about is Paper Names

We won’t know for a while which of these novels are going to be memorable novels. But that shouldn’t stop readers from picking them up and giving them a chance.  


This is all for the new books releasing today. Which books are you interested in reading? Let us know in the comments below! 

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