Pan Macmillian’s 50 Best Books of All Time 

There are many best book lists online and we love looking at some of them. That gives us an idea of the best books and how a certain group or institution thinks. Today, we will be looking at Pan Macmillian’s 50 best books of all time list. Keep reading to see which books made their list. 

What is Pan Macmillian? 

You might be wondering what Pan Macmillian is and what hey do. Pan Macmillian is one of the biggest publishing companies in the United Kingdom. You may have some of their imprints such as Tor, Macmillan, Mantle, and Boxtree. The company was first founded in 1843 and is one of the powerhouses in the publishing business.  

That gives them a sense of credibility. These lists always have personal bias and should be taken with a grain of salt though. You can see the full list below. 

Pan Macmillian’s 50 Best Books of All Time 

An Interesting List 

I think this is a good list but some of these books wouldn’t even make my top 100 list. Pan Macmillian lists these books as must reads before you die and I don’t think that is true. About half of the list would fall under that claim but the other half can be ignored. 

It also comes down to what people like and that is different for every person. So, while this list may be true for the person who created it, I imagine another person on the editorial board would have a different list. Some of these picks feel a bit personal and while they may be critically acclaimed, that doesn’t automatically make a book a must read. 


That is all for Pan Macmillian’s 50 best books of all time list. What do you make of it? What books would you have included on the list? Let us know in the comments below! 

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