Stephen Curry’s 15 Book Recommendations 

NBA superstar Stephen Curry is one of the most popular and celebrated basketball players of all time. But he is also known for stuff outside of basketball such as his charitable organizations and love of golf. Today, we decided to look at Stephen Curry’s 15 book recommendations to see what he is reading! 

A lesser-known fact about Curry is that he is also an author. Last year, he published a picture book called I Have a Superpower that encourages kids to dream big and stay optimistic. The NBA star also launched a book club with Literati, a reading subscription service.  

NBA superstar Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
Stephen Curry’s 15 book recommendations

The book club is called Underrated and its goal is “to highlight the journeys and triumphs from storytellers who have too long been overlooked.” Curry’s selections continue the theme of positive outlook and perseverance. You can see the book recommendations below! 

 Stephen Curry’s 15 Book Recommendations 

Lots of Unfamiliar Names 

Looking at the list, I cannot see a name that looks familiar. Curry chose books that aren’t in the spotlight and used his fame and influence to make them the center of attention. Some of the books on the list center around sports and competition, something Curry can relate to. 

I will be checking some of these books out. Finding books that aren’t as well known is always fun. Anyone that thought this list wouldn’t be well thought out was very wrong. 


Which books are you most interested in on Stephen Curry’s 15 book recommendations list? Let us know in the comments below! 

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