Books I Read in February 2023 

Two months of 2023 have flown just like that. March is here and it is a good time to look back at all the books I read in February 2023! 

This month was a lot busier for me than I would have liked. Plus, it was a shorter month. I was still able to read here and there but fell short of my monthly reading goal. Still, reading three books is still three more than zero. You can see the three books I read for the month of February below! 

Dressed for Death book series
Dressed for Death book review

Books I Read in February 2023 

Detective Novels 

As you can see, I was mostly reading detective novels. Normally, I mix up my reading lists. And I did to be honest. But these books were the ones I finished or got around to reading to the end. I have been reading multiple books at once but once the detective books get good, I mostly read them. 

The Big Sleep 

The Big Sleep book review Raymond Chandler hardboiled crime detective novel
The Big Sleep: Book Review

I came across Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep and I was hooked. The writing and plot make this book hard to put down and the action never seems to stop. I know I will be reading more books by Chandler in the future as well as more hardboiled crime books. 

Commissario Brunetti Books 

Commissario Brunetti Series
Commissario Brunetti Series by Donna Leon

After reading Death in La Fenice by Donna Leon in January, I knew I was going to read more books in the series. Little did I know that Leon has written over 30 books in the series! This past month, I was able to read two more books in her series and loved returning back into the world of Guido Brunetti! 


These are the three books I read in February 2023. Currently, I am reading three books and should be able to match last month’s total in the first week. And I will be mixing it up. What books did you read in February? Let us know in the comments below!

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