The 2023 Gotham Book Prize Finalists Have Been Revealed 

The Gotham Book Prize is an annual award that awards the best new book about New York City $50,000 has announced its finalists. Eleven books have been selected as the finalists and you can keep reading to find out their names.  

To qualify for this list, the books have to be about New York City. Some of the books that made the finals include books about Gotham or a noir mystery set in the mid-2000s in Brooklyn. If you love reading books about New York City, then this is a great way to find new books to read about the Big Apple. You can see the list of books that made the finals below! 

The Gotham Book Prize 2023 Finalists
The Gotham Book Prize 2023 Finalists

The 2023 Gotham book Prize Finalists 

Winner Will Be Announced in Spring 

The award will be given out in the spring of 2023. Bradley Tusk and Howard Wolfson were the ones to create the Gotham Book Prize during the beginning of the pandemic. They wanted to encourage and celebrate new books written about NYC. Tusk is a venture capitalist and Wolfson works for Bloomberg Philanthropies. An unlikely partnership gave birth to this award during a time when many people were fleeing the city.  

Both fiction and no fiction works are considered for this award as long as it was released in the calendar year. New York City must be used as a topic or the setting for it to be qualified for this award. The winner will be announced in the spring during an event ar P&T Knitwear, a new bookstore locted on the Lower East Side.  

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