Book Readers Plan to Read Even More Books in 2023 

A survey conducted by THGM Writing Services of English-speaking readers found out that most book readers plan to read even more books in 2023.  

945 Readers Across 56 Countries

No matter how many books they read, 64 percent of the 945 book readers surveyed across 56 countries said that they will read more books this year. While eBooks and audiobooks are seeing a rise in popularity, paperback is still the most popular option for readers around the world.  

Many respondents said that they read 1-5 books last year while 32% of the people surveyed said they were heavy readers who read 20+ books.  

“The results of the survey are encouraging,” said David Leonhardt, THGM Writing Services President. “Reading is alive and well. People have every intent to keep on reading, and they are reading all genres of fiction and non-fiction.” 

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Book Readers are planning to read more books in 2023 

Popular Genres and Paperback

The top five genres of the people surveyed were history (34%), mystery (33%), biography (31%), fantasy (29%) and science fiction (26%).  

Paperbacks are still the most popular format of reading around the world at 41 %. eBooks and Kindle are seeing a rise with one in five people using a Kindle and 16 % using audiobooks. Americans led the world with 29% of Americans saying they use a Kindle. Canadians led the world in using paperbacks with 53%. 

“Those who predicted the imminent end to printing on dead trees, did not take book readers into account,” said Leonhardt. “They like the feel of paper. They like the smell of paper. They like to physically turn a page. 

Paperback is never going to go away as many people prefer them over eBooks and audiobooks. Using any of them is fine as they all have their own benefits. I would love to see science fiction books see a rise in popularity but I doubt it because many people imagine it to be about space and technology and it is so much more than that.  


What do you make of the survey by THGM Writing Services? I do like the fact that they interviewed people in 56 countries. But by choosing only English-speaking readers, it doesn’t give a good view of the world. I’m sure that was due to limited resources and I appreciate the data they collected. 

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  1. wordsandcoffee1 says:

    I agree that they should include other languages as well. I’m midway through my 2nd book of the year so far; I’m sure I have a lot more to go! 😀


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