Bob Dylan Fans Want Refund After Receiving Mechanically Autographed Books

Fans of Bob Dylan who bought what they thought were “hand signed” copies will be receiving a refund from publisher Simon & Schuster.

Bob Dylan Fans Were Suprised that their Autographed Book Wasn’t Hand Signed

900 copies of The Philosophy of Modern Song were not hand signed but mechanical copies and fans were not happy about it. When the fans received the copies for the $600 books, they realized that the books weren’t hand signed but were signed using “autopen.” This technology reproduces real signatures using a machine. That was ironic because each book came with “a letter of authenticity.”

Bob Dylans books not hand signed.
Fans complain as Bob Dylan books are not hand signed

Originally, the books refused refunds but once the complaints started rolling in, the publishers changed their stance.

“To those who purchased the ‘Philosophy of Modern Song’ limited edition, we want to apologize,” Simon & Schuster tweeted. “As it turns out, the limited-edition books do contain Bob’s original signature, but in a penned replica form. We are addressing this information by providing each purchaser with an immediate refund.”

Customers to Get a Refund

Not sure why Simon & Schuster thought they could charge customers $600 for the autographed books and use “autopen.” That defeats the whole purpose of the autographed books. That is a lot of money people are spending on a book, the least you can do is make it worth their time.

The controversy seems to be handled well for the most part. Simon & Schuster still looks bad but at least the customers were able to get a refund. Great job by the customers to call out the publishing company and holding them responsible.

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3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan Fans Want Refund After Receiving Mechanically Autographed Books

  1. Storyteller says:

    Thank goodness they saw reason. Things have become so much more civilised these days. Watched Netflix show about Pepsi and how they shortchanged people making promises and not following through. They won. There were riots and everything. Great show.


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