Celebrities Urge Amazon and Barnes & Noble to Stop Selling Controversial Documentary that Kyrie Irving Promoted on Twitter

Over 200 celebrities signed an open letter that was released by a nonprofit organization to stop selling the controversial antisemitic documentary.

Celebrities Sign Open Letter To Remove Documentary From Retailers

Mila Kunis and Debra Messing were some of the people who signed the open letter that was released by Creative Community for Peace. The organization claims that both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have allegedly “refused to remove the title and continue to profit from its bigotry.”

The open letter was addressed to “Jeff Bezos, James Daunt, and the leaders at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.” The book in question (we won’t be naming it) rose to popularity after National Basketball Player Kyrie Irving tweeted a link to the movie.

Kyrie Irving Tweets Link About Documentary

NBA Brooklyn Nets Basketball player Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving’s Tweet about antisemitic book leads to a. surge in book sales

Initially, Irving was not suspended or punished for his promotion of the antisemitic movie but five days later, he was suspended by his team, the Brooklyn Nets. His tweet also led to a rise in book sales of the book of the same name. That has been its best-selling week since was published.

The Creative Community for peace has said that the documentary is causing “tremendous harm to the Jewish community while spreading dangerous misinformation to an impressionable public that may be susceptible to its propaganda.”

“These works promote numerous antisemitic tropes and conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact, including manufactured Hitler quotes, false claims of Jewish power and control, that the Jewish people fabricated the Holocaust, and that the Jewish people are fake Jews. The claims made in these works have led to the persecution and murder of millions of Jews throughout the centuries.”


As of right now, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have not released a statement or taken any action against the book. With how controversial this documentary and book have been, they have to address it. What will be their stance and will it be enough?

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  1. Danny Watts says:

    Not that I am in support of the book or the hate it contains but isn’t this another form a book banning? Instead of pressuring the books sellers focus on the publisher.


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