The Record for the Longest Reading Marathon Aloud

Book lovers can read for hours and lose track of time and not even know it. A good book makes you forget about the real world and the only thing you care about is finding what happens next! That is an amazing feeling and it feels like heaven when paired with your favorite snack and a comfortable reading area.

The Record for the Longest Reading Marathon Aloud

That made us wonder what is the longest someone has read in one sitting. Most avid readers feel like they can read for a couple of hours or even the whole day if they had nothing else to worry about. But the record for the longest marathon of reading aloud is insane and one that not even the best readers can beat easily.

The record for the longest marathon for reading aloud

Rysbai Isakov from Turkey holds the record for the longest marathon reading aloud and it is for 124 hours and 15 minutes. That reading session lasted for 5 days as Isakov read from September 22 to September 27 in 2022.

Reading for 5 days straight is almost unreal and the preparation needed for that must have been interesting. You might be wondering how many books did Isakov read over the 5 days. He read the Manas epic. Most people struggle to read a 1000 page book and I can’t imagine reading one for 5 days straight.

An Impressive Feat

I love reading books as much as the next person but reading for that many consecutive hours sounds impossible. Reading is relaxing and if I am reading for an ulterior motive, then it won’t be as enjoyable. Plus, who has multiple books lined up to read? It is hard finding one great book to read nowadays.

It is safe to say that this record is going to stay safe. Mainly because it pushes the limits and takes a toll on your mind and body. I can imagine how exhausted he was and probably slept for 24 hours afterwards. Still, he owns the record and has his name engraved for the time being until some other person decides to give up six days of sleep.

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