The Rings of Power Producer Answer Why They Changed Sauron’s Original Story On the Show

The biggest question everyone had about Amazon’s The Rings of Power was “Who is Sauron?” The writers on the show wanted to keep his identity a secret so they created a new character that didn’t exist in J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories.

The Rings of Power Added Halbrand Because of Galadreil

With the original story out there, the writers had to change things up and thus decided to give Sauron a new identity. One of the reasons they created Halbrand was because of Galadriel.

“We wanted a foil for Galadriel,” said producer and writer Gennifer Hutchison. “Someone who was running from their past and a little bit checked out. Someone that she could pull back in, because she’s so driven. And so that character just started springing up from what that dynamic could be.

Charlie Vickers playing Halbrand
Halbrand in the The Rings of Power

How The Rings of Power Incororated Sauron

Galadriel plays a central part in the first season of The Rings of Power as she hunts Sauron. After centuries of not finding him, she runs into him by accident and doesn’t even know it.

 If we’re centering a story on Galadriel and her journey, you’re asking questions like, “What’s the best way to also bring this character in?”, said Hutchinson. “To get to ring forging, in what context would that come? Just finding ways in, while still honoring the spirit and beats that you’re trying to make sure you’re hitting as you go.

Big Changes from the Source Material

A big change from the books is that the Elven rings were forged first in the show. In the books, they were forged last. Sauron goes to war with the Elves because they forged the rings in secrecy. Hutchinson discusses this change in the show.

“So much of the season was about the elves and their journey, and Galadriel’s journey, and the fading [of Eregion]. So, we wanted to tie those rings into that story. It was about narrowing our focus down on them and having those rings cap off the season. Because we had to make rings. It felt like the climax of that arc, as opposed to trying to manage the timeline in a different way.”

The Rings of Power episode 8 Galadriel holding a dagger

Enjoy the Show for What it is

With a lot of changes to the original story, fans aren’t going to be happy. Consider this as a different show because it deviates too much from the original source material. The Tolkien estate doesn’t make it easy for Amazon to create the best show possible with certain limitations in place. That is why fans should just enjoy the show for what it is and not compare it to Tolkien’s work.

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