The Wheel of Time Season Two Sneak Peak Trailer

The Wheel of Time Season Two is around the corner and Amazon Prime is hyping it up with a teaser trailer and a behind the scenes look. Everyone is wondering when is season two will be coming out?

The Wheel of Time Amazon Studios tv show
The Wheel of Time TV Show

When is The Wheel of Time Season Two Sneak Peak Coming Out?

While no official release date has been confirmed as of yet, it is likely that the show will be coming out in December 2022 or early 2023. The show is picking up steam as it is being actively promoted. Season two has finished filming and released a teaser for their fans.

Season two has finished filming

When asked about the release date of The Wheel of Time season two, Amazon Studios Head of Global TV Vernon Sanders was not too forthcoming.

“We are going to be really thoughtful about how we release these shows. In our minds, they are very different shows (The Rings of Power), but we are cognizant of our genre fans,” and “It’s really true. But Wheel of Time has been really important for us, and to see that it has done so well for us in 2021, I keep saying, ‘It’s the Christmas gift that keeps giving.'”

Are we looking too into the Christmas part of the speech? Maybe, but then again, it would be a great time to release it. With The Rings of Power season one coming to an end, it would be a great follow up. The Wheel of Time was inspired by The Lord of the Rings and both are fantasy shows. 

The Wheel of Time Season Two Sneak Peek Trailer

Episode one will be titled A Taste of Solitude and will be directed by Amanda Kate Shuman. While not too much has been disclosed about season two but showrunner Rafe Judkins did say that season two episodes are longer than season one’s were.

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