Crooked Kingdom: Book Review

Today we will be reviewing the sequel to Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. It is a epic novel about a heist and a lot is at stake. Keep reading to fin d out why you should pick up this book and make it your next read!

Unlike most sequels, this is the only one and not split into three different books.. There will be some spoilers ahead so if you don’t like any spoilers, now is a great time to stop reading.

Crooked Kingdom Summary

After returning from the Ice Prison, the sex crew members with the addition of another member try to cash in. Kaz Brekker, the leader of the crew, meets up with Jan Van Eck for the deal. But nothing goes as planned. Instead, Kaz and his crew are overpowered and Inej, the Suli acrobat, is kidnapped and held as a bargaining tool.

Crooked Kingdom book cover
Crooked Kingdom book review

If that was there only worry, maybe the crew would have been fine. But the world around them has other plans. Other criminals in the city and other countries have sent people to kidnap Kuwei-Yui-Bo, who is traveling with Kaz and the crew. And when Kaz’s old rival Pekka Rollins decides to crash the party, Kaz and crew find themselves against impossible odds.


My favorite part of the series is not the crazy world that Bardugo has created. Nor it is the over the top plot where the six friends have to overcome impossible odds. The characters make the novels as good as they are. All six characters can stand by themselves and it is incredible how fluid it is all done.

Crooked Kingdom was a great read. It started off a little slow but it picked up and kept the high pace. The tone of the book is impressive and Bardugo has the timing of everything down perfectly. Her world building is pretty good and she dives deep into each race with other books that also take place in the Grishaverse.

This series is a treat and there aren’t many concepts as impressive as the Grishaverse. There are numerous books about it and not all of them are connected. If you do become a fan like I did, then you continue reading more books and they get better as the books progress.

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Creating a whole world is difficult because if it isn’t done right, fans will have a lot of questions. Bardugo has taken her time to build this world out and the characters make it come to life. I enjoyed this novel a lot and Bardugo’s writing and I am glad I discovered her. Happy reading!

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