Book Review: Six of Crows

Today we will be reviewing fantasy novel Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. What stood out to me about this book is that it has a lot of interesting things going on. Who doesn’t want thread about a world where the supernatural is in abundance?

Kaz Brekker is 17-years-old and the leader of the Dregs gang. They are all mostly teenagers and reside in the worst part of Ketterdam. They make money of off people that want to gamble and indulge in activities that society rather forget. When Kaz is offered a large sum of money to break someone out of a prison that nobody has ever escaped from, he forms his crew.

Yes, you guessed it it; it consists of six people. Kaz recruits people he can trust and uses leverage to break into the Ice Court, an ice prison. The prison also holds Grisha, an ethic group of people that have supernatural, prisoners. If Kaz and the others want to make it out, they have to work together and put away their differences so that they can buy their freedom and escape from debt.

My short summary leaves out a lot and I think it may be better for readers to read about the five other crew members. Bardugo does a great job of character development and it pays off. The readers are invested in all the characters or most of them anyway. We end up rooting for all of them and hoping they make it out alive if at all.

If you want to dive into a fun, dark fantasy world, then Six of Crows is for you. The setting in this book is dark and cruel. In order to land on your feet, you have to play dirty. If you don’t then someone else will at your expense and many of the characters in the book find out just that.

The dark overtone in this book is a part of the characters identity so it works. It has a necessary role and makes the book that much more interesting. Fantasy fans and dystopian lovers will find it hard to put this book down!

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