King of Scars: Book Review

The future of Ravka is uncertain in King of Scars by Leigfh Bardugo. Inside Nikolai Lantsov lives a demon that is causing havoc and the city is on the brink of war. Find out what happens in the epic duology novel King of Scars. 

King of Scars: Summary

Nikolai Lantsov has inherited the throne and it is up to him to rebuild his country Ravka after the civil war with the Darkling. The new king has to juggle Ravka’s relationship with its neighboring nations Shu Han and Fjerda as he fends off a threat that he cannot face off with.

Inside Nikolai is a demon that the Darkling infected him with during the last battle when the Darkling fell. His friends and close bodyguards try to find a way to get rid of the demon while also guarding his secret. When a cult worshipping The Darkling enters the capital, Nikolai deals with it by talking to Yuri, one of the priests of the newly found cult.

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo novel
King of Scars book summary

Miracles are happening all over the continent and it spurns the king, Zoya Nazyalensky, and the king’s royal guards to seek out the miracles in the hope of finding a cure for the demon that resides in the king. During one of these visits, things go wrong and the king and Zoya go missing.

The King’s closest friends and allies try to keep his disappearance a secret but how long before everyone finds out? And where has he gone? Nikolai and Zoya have found a way to get rid of the demon but how much can they trust their new friends? Find out when you read the novel for yourself. 


As someone who enjoyed Bardugo’s older novels, I believe this one is her best one yet. She easily was able to make Zoya a great protagonist without erasing her edge and what makes her her. Nikolai character was also well written but Zoya does steal the show.

The overall plot of the novel works well and it makes you invested in the future of Ravka. It is on shaky ground and needs to be guided towards a stable future. King Nikolai and his friends are up to the task no matter what they face.

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I wasn’t sure how I felt about the Grishaworld and the story of Ravka continuing after the conclusion of Shadow and Bone. But there is still a lot to unpack and Bardugo is only getting netter with time. I am currently reading the second novel in the series and will post that in a week or so. If you enjoyed her last novels or any of her novels, then this is going to be a great treat.

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