Brandon Sanderson Gives Update on Fifth Stormlight Archive Book

Brandon Sanderson’s critically accclaimed The Stormlight Archive series won’t be getting a fifth book in the series until 2024 according to the author. 

Fans will have to be patient and wait a little longer than usual for Sanderson to add to the Stormlight Archive. The author has been busy with his Kickstarter campaign as well as the newest Mistborn book The Lost Metal which is set to come out in November.

The Stormlight Archive books
The Stormlight Archive novels

Sanderson Gives Update on Fifth Stormlight Archive Book

Sanderson wrote on Reddit “When will the book come out?  I’m looking at fall 2024.  I have tried to be very forthcoming about this one—warning people for a while that 2023 might be too optimistic.  And, as I feared, I have been forced to let the date slide quite far into 2024 because of three issues.  The first is that I set myself up for a TON of revisions this year, and they’ve been taking more time than expected.  I still have two books to revise, though I’ve been spending all of August on Stormlight.”

This isn’t the only reason the novel has been pushed back.

“That isn’t the primary reason I’ve ended up pushing back the book,” wrote the author. “I’d planned for these revisions, and could have done those while working on Stormlight.  The second reason I pushed the book back is that I knew this book, of all the ones in the sequence, deserved a little extra time and attention.  It will likely be the longest of the series to date, and I have to be careful to juggle all the storylines properly.  I didn’t want to be rushed on it, and—though it may shock you—an 18-month production cycle wasn’t going to cut it.” 

“The third reason is one I haven’t been able to gauge as easily as the first two—something new to my life.  Lately, I’ve needed to dedicated more and more of my time to running a company.  I still reserve three days a week solely for writing, but that’s down from four days a week in previous years.”

Sanderson is Busy But Still Taking his Time with his Books

It is good to know that Sanderson is taking his time to make sure the book is perfect. Taking a year longer than normal is fine. If it is more like ten years or more, then that is something to complain about. It also helps that Sanderson is giving us updates and keeping fans in the loop.

As Sanderson gets more and more famous, he will have more responsibilities. It is amazing that Sanderson does get out as many books as he does. Not only does he have the Stormlight Archive and the Mistborn series, he is also working on a bunch of other projects and recently released the third book in the Skyward Flight series.


Have you read the Stormlight Archive series? If so, what do you make of the news? If you haven’t read the series, you can read our series guide and read individual reviews for each book in the series. Happy reading!

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