Taylor Swift is Sued for Allegedly Copying Teresa La Dart’s Work

Taylor Swift is being sued for allegedly copying part of poet and author Teresa La Dart’s book Lover for Swift’s book that accompanied her 2019 album of the same name.

Taylor Swift Sued for Allegedly Copying Teresa La Dart’s Work

According to the lawsuit, Swift copied “a number of creative elements” from La Dart’s 2010 book and is suing Swift for an “excess of one million dollars” in damages. Some of the stuff Taylor Swift is accused of stealing is the same title, using the same pastel pink and blues in the cover, and copying the same pose as the author. On top of that, Swift is also accused of copying the format of the book as well as the inner design being similar

Singer Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

You can see the pictures of the books side by side here and decide for yourself whether Swift copied La Dart’s book. While they are a bit similar, I do not think that La Dart is going to win unless she can prove without a doubt that Swift came across her book and decided to copy it. The similarities can be put down to coincidences and nobody can own a format or even color themes. 

Taylor Swift Responds to the Lawsuit

Tylor Swift responded to the lawsuit in a statement to Pitchfork that you can read down below. 

It has been a bizarre day as this was filed less than 24 hours ago. Glad to provide some insight as many commentators seem to think this was poorly undertaken. Initially, it is important to note Miss La Dart feels strongly that her full work needs to be compared with that of Miss Swift’s before a conclusion is made here. Secondly, this decision was not made nor taken lightly considering the other side is quite formidable. Lastly, this was a recent consideration and this filing was made ostensibly to reserve Miss La Dart’s rights (primarily at this point) since yesterday was the date the statute of limitations closed. Hope the masses can understand these issues from her perspective, in other words.

Taylor Swift

What do you make of this lawsuit? Does Teresa La Dart have a case or no? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift is Sued for Allegedly Copying Teresa La Dart’s Work

  1. Gemma says:

    This one is getting thrown out before you even get to trial. I don’t even think you can copyright/trademark a title of anything not to mention one that’s just Lover. Nor can you copyright/trademark the use of colors. (Honestly when I clicked on your link I was kind of shocked by how dissimilar it is.) Ridiculous suit.

    1. Ahaqir says:

      I agree but no matter the verdict, the coverage that she is getting is probably going to be higher than the cost of the case so she wins either way.

  2. Daily Poetry says:

    I don’t think someone like Taylor Swift needs to plagiarize anything . She has enough talent of her own.


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