Alex Rider Stormbreaker: Book Review

I always enjoy spy thrillers and the whole weight of the world on the protagonist’s narrative plotline. Yes, it is cliché but these novels are great in building suspense and one novel that comes to mind is Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. Find out why you should read this epic series!

Stormbreaker: Summary

Alex Rider is a teenage spy for M16. He is working undercover and discovers a plot where millions computers were being filled with biological weapons. These computers are supposed to give smallpox to the user. The goal being to kill hundreds of thousands of British schoolchildren and their teachers. 

Stormbreaker book cover
Stormbreaker book summary

Stormbreaker is the first of thirteen novels where Alex Rider has to save the world. As each novel progresses, the stakes become higher and higher. And without spoiling anything, I will say being Alex Rider is not a fun job.


As you can guess, the novel and its sequels are intended for young adults. They would be around the same age as Alex and thus would be able to relate to him more. With that said, you cannot really relate to a teenage spy who saves the world once a book.

Alex Rider is not the first teenage hero to save the world. That has been done way too many times. But Horowitz does bring a fresh perspective to the genre. His storytelling has always been top notch and has made Alex Rider into a successful franchise that might get a fourteenth novel in in the series. That is very impressive and hard to keep something going for that long.

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Reading Stormbreaker and its sequels won’t change your life. But if you want new material to read, then this should keep you occupied for two months. And who knows. You might end up checking the show of the same name and become a fan of that. 

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