Interview With K. S. Penn, Author of ‘ The Evil I Own: My Son’s Prisoner

Today, we will be interviewing K. S. Penn, author of the novel The Evil I own: My Son’s Prisoner. It is a true story about domestic abuse, child abuse and how helping educate others can help break the cycle. Keep reading to find out more about the novel and the author as she answers some of my questions.

What made you write this non fiction story about Ellie, who is a battered abuse victim?

K. S. Penn: This is a story about my life.  I hadn’t originally planned to write and publish this book.  I simply began journaling to aid in my healing and recovery process and upon doing so; it occurred to me the potential benefits of sharing my story with others.  

The topic of the novel is a sensitive issue. How did you approach writing about such a topic?

K. S. Penn: I didn’t have a specific approach per se; I just started recounting my life’s events in chronological order.  I wanted to describe things exactly as I experienced them so that although some parts of the book may be difficult or intense, it would relate with others who may be dealing with a similar situation.

Did you learn something new about child-to parent violence?

K. S. Penn: I discovered that unconditional love should not jeopardize one’s safety and well-being.

The novel is rated 18+ because of the graphic violence and sensitive issues. Was this because of a test-audience or did you yourself deem the novel inappropriate for anyone younger than 18? 

K. S. Penn: I deemed the novel inappropriate for anyone under 18, because although I did “tone down” many parts of the book, it still deals with some graphic and adult situations.

The book cover looks great! How did you end up choosing that as the book cover?

K. S. Penn: When I made the decision to publish my memoir, I began to visualize what my book cover would look like.  The same idea stayed with me throughout- a picture of me looking pensive near a barred window, but with some light shining through to symbolize hope.  


You can get the novel on amazon in the link down below!

5 thoughts on “Interview With K. S. Penn, Author of ‘ The Evil I Own: My Son’s Prisoner

  1. Michael_J says:

    As promised I wrote a review about this book.

    This is a real page turner. Enter the world of Ellie, mother of Corey. After years of abuse by her husband she finds out that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Corey is a sociopath ruining her life. You go down a hellish road from one extreme to another. Her son is kicked out of school, later in and out of jail. If Ellie thinks she at least is safe from his explosive behavior she can think again.
    I recommend this book. That it’s in fact an autobiography makes it even more incredible. It can comfort people going through the same ordeal or make others understand what damage such a toxic relationship between a mother and son can cause.


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