Book Review: Frankenstein

Some of the best books are the ones that are able to make us feel many emotions. And the horror genre is one of the best. That is why we will be reviewing the classic novel and the first horror novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

After his mother’s death, Victor Frankenstein becomes depressed as he leaves for college. While in college, Frankenstein works on giving life to an object that does not have life. Because Frankenstein cannot find all human parts, he makes do with whatever he can and makes his monster eight feet tall. The monster has huge white eyes, yellow skin, and his blood vessels are visible. And he is ugly even though Frankenstein tried to make him beautiful.

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After successfully creating his monster, Frankenstein is appalled by his creation and flees. The monster he created ends up escaping and Frankenstein pursues the monster to make everything right. But that might not be easy since the monster is elusive and smart.

The story of Frankenstein is an entertaining one and makes for a great horror story. There are many themes and touches on philosophy. However, I found Frankenstein’s character to be pretty annoying. He seems to always wallow and it gets tedious fast.

Mary Shelley came up with the idea of the story because of a competition. The purpose of the competition was to see who could come up with the best horror story. After thinking for days, Shelley created the Frankenstein story at just 18 and the book was published two years later in 1818.

It’s a good book and it will definitely make you think. The writing is a bit much but that seems to be the norm for books written in the 19th century. I do recommend it and it is the first horror story ever written and science fiction too in some people’s eyes.

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