Michigan Library Tells People to Stop Microwaving Books to Kill COVID-19

A library in Michigan has seen books returned that have been microwaved because people feared the books might contain traces of COVID-19.

The library issued a response on Facebook for people to stop microwaving books. The headlines are getting crazier and crazier.

Microwaving the books will set the books on fire because they all have a radio frequency tag that is made out of metal. So please don’t microwave the books. Books are being quarantined for 72 hours every time they are returned.

If you fear of catching the coronavirus from books other people have used, then maybe you should not check out books from the library. You can check out eBooks or audiobooks or just buy a book. It is not cheap for libraries to replace books with their budget.

We are living in a new world where sharing things doesn’t feel safe. However, damaging library books by microwaving them is not a solution. Use hand sanitizer, wash your hands a lot, and use gloves if you do check out library books and want to take precautions.

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