Book Review: Legend

Everyone wants to know what the future will look like and authors are no exceptions. They however use a lot of imagination and create an interesting dystopian that many people wouldn’t want to live in if they had a choice. That is how I would describe Legend by Marie Lu.

In the future, Los Angeles is run by the military where your test grades from a big exam determine your future. June, a 15-year old girl, got perfect scores on the test and is guaranteed a high paying job once she completes school. On the other spectrum, Day, a 15-year old boy, failed the test and is wanted by the government for numerous crimes. He is very smart and intuitive which is part of the reason why he is on the top of the wanted list.

When Day finds out his younger brother has been infected by the Plague, a disease that is lethal and shows up in the city from time to time, he decides to risk it all to find his little brother a cure. June wants to tag along with her older brother and help catch Day and start her military career.

Lu does a great job creating interesting characters and you can’t help but like both Day and June in the novel. Both of them are young and have a lot thrust upon them. We see both of them rise to the occasion and how that affects the people surrounding them.

This is a young adult dystopian novel and there are a lot of elements that remind you that. It’s not as intricate as a lot of other novels in the same genre but I believe it works to Lu’s favor. She focuses on her characters more and you can tell when reading the novel. I recommend this book to young adults and anyone that likes a good short read.

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