Book Review: Swan Song

Both parties are planning for a battle that will decide the fate of humanity. Josh must find alleys and rebuild civilization and take it back from the chaos and disorder. But with a villain that is not human, Josh must help Swan realize her potential while also protecting as she is humanity’s last hope. … Read More >Book Review: Swan Song

Book Review: The Poppy War

Rin is an orphan who is going to be wed off if she doesn’t ace her test and enter the prestigious Sinegard Academy. This sets off her trajectory and leads to her becoming a soldier for the Nikara Empire and the dark secrets of the country. Rin learns about her past and must decide what path to follow; peace or destruction? … Read More >Book Review: The Poppy War

Book Review: Legend

In the future, Los Angeles is run by the military where your test grades from a big exam determine your future. June, a 15-year old girl, got perfect scores on the test and is guaranteed a high paying job once she completes school. On the other spectrum, Day, a 15-year old boy, failed the test and is wanted by the government for numerous crimes. He is very smart and intuitive which is part of the reason why he is on the top of the wanted list. … Read More >Book Review: Legend